Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Online From China

Since several years ago, China has been the new center of the global market. Products from China are a lot cheaper than elsewhere. If you check on Aliexpress, the biggest website selling China-made goods, a silicone cover for your smartphone can cost less than a dollar for each, which is much more affordable than going to a physical store and buy the item directly.

However, China-made products are not without issues. You may have stumbled upon other articles discussing people receiving poor quality goods from China. As an example, there is a story of a man who wanted to but a carpet but received a furry napkin instead. It may sound silly, but once you experience it yourself, you will realize how it is a waste of time and nuisance.

Learn the tips below to avoid such an unfortunate.

Forget the picture, look at the size

Bought a rug onlineDo not be fooled by the picture because photo editing and photography these days are so advanced than back in the day. You can easily get tricked even if you are an experienced shopper. Just like the case above, photograph perspective can make a product look bigger or smaller than its actual size. And legally speaking, the shop cannot be blamed because they sold the man exactly what the picture is showing.

Always doublecheck the item description. And if you want to buy a cloth, for example, bear in mind that clothing size is different throughout the world. What large size is in Asia might be small or medium in the Europe and US. To be safe, you can chat with the seller directly and get the metrical measurement.

Only buy from a trusted website

Shopping from ChinaRemember that scam is everywhere. Only buy your product from a trusted and reputable seller. China online stores have IPS, an identification number for online store/seller, on the lower section of the page. Take note of the number just in case unwanted things happen. Even if you cannot get a refund for your loss, you can inform others about how the store treats you. And their IPS can be solid evidence.

Big e-commerce sites have a reputation to maintain, and they will be least likely to pull a scheme on you. But you must know that the consumer protection in China is not as the same as in EU or US. You will have difficulties to bring your dispute into court.

Be careful with the shipment

ShipmentA lot of sellers offer free shipment, even for cheap goods that are less than a dollar. It might sound too good to be true, but you must know that cheap shipment has its downside. It can take months before you can have the items on your hands.

Only pay through a legitimate third party

Because the rights you get as a buyer are very limited, make sure you use a legitimate third party for the payment. Platforms like PayPal, AliPay, and the likes, provide the security you can depend on. They will prevent hackers from accessing your credit card and identity.