Choosing a Conical Beer Fermenter

Any brewer knows the value of investing in a conical beer fermenter. This unit makes the whole process of beer building effective and professional. Conical fermenters have a cone-shaped bottom that is fitted with a valve. The strategic location of the valve provides for easy sanitary removal and yeast disposal. If you are looking for a fermenter that will help for homes scale applications, this article will help you make an informed choice.

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First, the brand you choose matters a lot when it comes to beer brewing. Blichmann, Morebeer, and SSBrewTech are three major brands. From experience, any of these conical beer fermenters will help you get the job done. However, it is up to you to make an informed choice considering that different people have different brewing needs. That said, here are some things to look at when comparing different models.

Accessory needed to use the fermenter

Besides buying a conical beer fermenter, you have to look at the accessories needed to use the equipment. Some models come with fully equipped spigots and valves. Other models might require you to buy some add-on purchases, which have a direct impact on the total purchase price.

Types of valves

Beer brewing requires a couple of valves. The sanitary sample valve in some models gives you an opportunity to taste your beer without opening the fermenter. The butterfly valve, also found in most models is used for yeast removal or trub removal. The other type of valve you might look for is the transfer valve. Ensure that the model you choose has the valve(s) you need.The valves should be designed in a way that makes them easy to clean, and they as need to be compact for ease of use.


Another factor to consider when buying a conical beer fermenter is the size. Like with other features, you need to go for a fermenter that supports your brewing needs. If you prefer brewing larger batches, a large-sized conical flask will make things much easier considering that you do not need to ferment a single batch in separate carboys.

Temperature controls

beer fermenterTemperature control is essential in beer brewing. How well you manage the brewing temperatures is directly linked t the quality of the output from the fermenter. For instance, a unit like the MoreBeer conical fermenter can maintain brewing temperatures to within 1 degree at any time of the year.

Ideally, the features you go for are often inspired by your brewing needs. If you are clear about what it is that you like, make an effort of looking at conical beer fermenter reviews and learn from the experts and other users.…