4 Online Shopping Hacks You Must Know

These days, you can shop without leaving your house. You can sit comfortably on your coach and make a purchase. Only by using a computer or smartphone you can have your desired items be delivered to your front door.

But trust might be an issue in online shopping. There is a possibility of the bought items not the same as the description, which can be categorized as a fraud.

Other than that, online shopping provides other benefits, like time and effort efficiency. It also arguably cheaper than looking for a good physically. By searching it online, you cut off the gas bill, parking ticket fee, or subway ticket if you go by mass transport. And it is just one benefit, there are the others too, such as discount and the wide range of selection of an item.

Here, we will discuss 4 hacks that can optimize the benefit of online shopping.

Getting a coupon

MoneyIf you log in to an e-commerce site, you will know when there is a special offer because usually, the site will display the coupons on the main page. For example, you will see a phrase like, “Use this code during checkout to get free shipping,” or, “Input this code to get a 20% discount.”

It is important for you to know that some coupons can only be used for specified items. Make sure you read the guideline on how to use the received coupons before purchasing with them. If you happen not to have any, learn how to get it. Do not overlook programs that can get you a coupon, because they can cut the price up to 30%, or even more.

Visiting a rebate site

DiscountYou can also get a coupon from a rebate site. Remember when you visit a site and it asks you to click on an ad to get 5% discount? That is a rebate site. The coupon that you get from this site is probably going to be different from the one that you get from the online shop site.

Therefore, if you want to get a free discount, do not jump in to an e-commerce site directly, but try searching for the rebate site first. Be warned, though, sometimes the ad you click can be a fraud. You must check that everything on the coupon fits with the site’s policy.

Leaving an item in the cart without canceling it

Online ChartIf you feel unsure about an item and you want to look around for other products, you can just leave the desired item in the cart. This way can prevent others from buying your targeted item. In a rare occasion, you might even be offered a price cut.

Promoting a product on your social media

By promoting a brand on social media, you can get a special discount that you can use to buy a product of that brand. One way to do it is by taking a photo of you wearing the branded item and upload it to your social media account. You might have more than one account, but the rule is to pick one that has the most audience exposure.